About Renewal by Andersen
(Northborough, MA)

Serving the window and glass door replacement needs of the greater Boston, MA area, Renewal by Andersen of Northborough understands the importance of providing a memorable customer experience. In addition to providing the industry’s best products, expert installation and eminently world-class service, Renewal by Andersen prides themselves on following The Golden Rule in everything that they do. As a result, Andersen has been a household name in the highly competitive market of window and glass door replacement for more than 100 years.

The Challenge

After opening their Northborough location in 2014, Renewal by Andersen sought a way to liven up the atmosphere for employees in their office space. To do so, they reached out to Mood to learn about their options for Music and Sound Systems, but quickly found out that Mood could help them do so much more.

Using Music and Scent from Mood is an easy and effective way for us to enhance that feeling.

The Approach

During initial conversations with Sandy Pochapin of Renewal by Andersen, Mood quickly discovered that the two companies share an important core belief: providing a comfortable, welcoming customer experience will inspire customers to buy. 

Featuring depictions of indoor living settings, the Renewal by Anderson showroom experience is all about helping customers feel like they’re at home while they peruse the displays. And after making recommendations for a Music and Sound System solution in the office, Mood showed Sandy the many ways that Mood can also elevate the showroom experience to enhance that “at-home” feel. Together they created the perfect solution for the Northborough location – dayparted Music, Mood Sound Systems, and a commercial Scent package, along with a separate zone of Music and a Sound system for the office.

The Result

After 18 months of working with Mood, Sandy couldn’t be more pleased with their partnership, as well as the benefits of working with one single vendor for Music, Scent and Sound Systems. “My Account Executive at Mood was very helpful in ensuring we made the right choices and understood all the options available to us,” said Sandy. “We started out only wanting a music system for the office but ended up with much more, including a scent system that adds to the atmosphere in our Showroom and encourages customers to stay longer. And being able to work with the same provider for Music, Scent and Sound Systems makes a real difference for us.”

Sandy went on to explain the importance of creating a specific atmosphere for both customers and employees, and how Mood helps create that welcoming ambiance. “At Renewal by Andersen, our aim is to provide a showroom experience that makes our guests feel like they’re in their own home. Using Music and Scent from Mood is an easy and effective way for us to enhance that feeling. We also use Mood Music in our office, and having the flexibility to play multiple genres throughout the day helps us cater to everyone’s taste in music – our associates love the variety, and it helps us maintain a fun, upbeat atmosphere.”