About Berripop

Berripop is a locally-owned frozen yogurt café located in Houston, Texas. With a motto of “Happiness in a Cup,” Berripop means to delight customers with refreshing treats that are so delicious that it’s hard to believe that it’s all good for you. Berripop’s frozen yogurt is made with real, natural yogurt that carries the live, active and probiotic cultures and has no artificial growth hormones. The toppings bar is brimming with fresh, seasonal chopped fruit and healthy choices like nuts and granola, as well as a wide array of tempting treats like cheesecake and chocolate candy.

The Challenge

Berripop was developed with the goal of becoming a local hang-out, a place where people not only enjoy the menu, but also visit with friends and catch up on social networking. Berripop enlisted Mood’s help in creating an experience that would appeal to their diverse audience, and attract and entertain trendy young customers.

Mood is known for creating ideal environments for brands and that's exactly what they did for Berripop.

The Approach

Berripop partnered with Mood to provide music and visuals for store locations. The music chosen – Hottest Hits – appeals strongly to the younger demographic, and also has a retro influence that spans generations. In addition to the music, high-definition digital signage is used to entertain customers and lessen perceived wait times, giving Berripop an opportunity to highlight current promotions and entertain customers with brand messaging and fun facts.

The Result

“We are extremely pleased with the atmosphere Mood has helped us to create; the experience our customers have is second to none. The music and video are really hip, but are also relevant to our older customers as well. Mood is known for creating ideal environments for brands and that’s exactly what they did for Berripop.”

Tina Lee, Owner, Berripop Frozen Yogurt Houston, Texas


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