**Please read these instruction in their entirety as they contain important submission guidelines.**

If you do not follow these steps your submission will not be considered. For questions regarding existing royalties, please contact

Thank you for your interest in submitting your music to Mood Media. Please complete the following steps regarding the submission of your music content:

Submission Guidelines:
1. Send a link to an online digital jukebox to, preferably one like or, so that our designers may preview your tracks.

2. When submitting your music, you must include your label name, music style/genre, and “Unlicensed with Mood Media” in the subject line of the email to to ensure that your submissions reach the proper party/parties.


SUBJECT: Breeze Tree Records – Folk/Pop – Unlicensed with Mood Media

  1. If the music designers are interested in the music they hear they will contact you to discuss further.

**Please allow time for our music designer(s) to review your content. Keep in mind when discussing music ingestion with the designers, Mood Media encodes at a minimum bit rate of 320kps or .WAV or .AIFF files, so please furnish accordingly.**

Thank you for taking the time to submit your music for consideration in our Mood Media music programming. We look forward to hearing your music.